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  • 30 March 2021
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I connected Freshdesk to Zapier for a trigger “new ticket”.

Many of the fields returned have a value of “null”

But the biggest problem, there is no data for many of the fields. It isn’t passing the name or email of the requestor. What’s wrong? Is the integration broken?

Requester name, requestor email, requests first name, requestor last name, type, tags = all of those are blank - returning no data. 


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Hello @ocwalker, I hope you are doing well. Can you share more details about the integration, like, where are you fetching the data and your account details so that we can have this checked for you? 

Ideally, when you use zappier to integrate with Freshdesk and another 3rd party application, if all details are passed rightly and the integration is set-up right, the values would be passed right. 

We’ll raise this on behalf of you to analyze further and fix the issue.


Have a good day!

We are running the zapier integration on “create new ticket” to get the details whenever a new ticket is created. The data that is sent is basically the date, subject, and… not much else. No name of the requestor, no email address, no status, no ticket details, no tags, not much is there. I see those fields, but most are either empty or “null”. 

Zapier support contacted me that told me that this is one of a number of known issues with freshdesk integration. Wish we would have known this before we integrated our apps with freshdesk. 


cc_emails: null

fwd_emails: null

reply_cc_emails: null

ticket_cc_emails: null

fr_escalated: false

spam: false

email_config_id: null

group_id: 60000406256

priority: 1

requester_id: 60019076169

responder_id: null

source: 6

company_id: null

status: 2

subject: RESOURCES — One of our ongoing and biggest needs is clothing and hygiene products. We offer these it...

association_type: null

support_email: null

to_emails: null

product_id: null

id: 1820

type: null

due_by: 2021-04-01T17:18:03Z

fr_due_by: 2021-03-30T17:18:03Z

is_escalated: false

custom_fields: empty

created_at: 2021-03-29T16:14:49Z

updated_at: 2021-03-29T18:19:54Z

associated_tickets_count: null

tags: empty

Hey @ocwalker 
Looks like you are trying to pass on the ticket information whenever a new ticket is created to a server of your choice. 

This can be done using Freshdesk’s native automation instead of Zapier by setting up an automation as seen in the screenshot below under Admin>>Automations>>Tickets>>Ticket creation>>New rule.

You can send the data you require to the servers of your choice. Do have a check at this and let us know if you have any issues with the same.

Most action apps will have required fields, which indicate Asia Heavens that data must is missing, even though you've already inserted a value for that field.