Add CC to "Send Email" Workflow Automation Action

  • 18 March 2022
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Hi all!

I’m looking for advice in the use-case of “adding To and CC in the same email”. I’m sure that a custom app probably would solve this, but I’m looking for a more out-of-the-box feature as it belongs in the system rather than a custom code. 


The way we solved it at first were to add two actions (separated for the purpose of below screenshot), first sent an email to the requester (1) and second sent to all CC’d users (2).

The customer then returned with the ask of combining these two into one email where Requester and CC are separated (as they should be) in the email.

The recipients of the CC email got confused as they were addressed as “to” instead of CC without proper relevance or context. I totally get that!





Being curious and problem-solving I also tried to solve this using API - which highlighted another finding.

By using Postman in a GET I’m returned with all CC’s as email addresses:

"ticket": {
"cc_emails": [

When I parse this and later call on the JSON Parser placeholder for the same - the email address within my payload is validated to a Freshservice Requester when sent using Freshservice’s Web Request Node (POST{{ticket.id_numeric}}/reply)

"body": "Detta är ett testärende. CC = Alex",
"cc_emails": "["Alexander Fredriksson"]"

This results in a failed POST request as Freshservice expected an email address instead of my name.
This issue persisted after trying to change the type to an array of objects instead of strings but no avail.

I would love to see the addition of CC to the Send Email to-action in Freshservice as a separate field and not only as a recipient placeholder. A checkbox in Send Email to Requester-action to include CC would also be a nice addition.I will add these as ideas later.

Does anyone have any advice on how to solve this?

Many thanks in advance and stay safe!


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Tagging product experts and community champions! 

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Hi Raja, 

I don’t understand what this is supposed to help out with. Your screenshot only tells us that our CC’d users are addressed as To instead of CC, which is the opposite of the customer’s requirement.

The requirement is to separate CC and Requester in to their separate recipient fields instead of merged as To. 

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Hi Alexander, sorry I missed that part.

Your requirement to distinguish the recipients considering their distinction as per the ticket, cannot be configured via this setup.

Let me address this further over the ticket you have and get back.





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It does look like one of the actions you can select in fresh service automator actions is a CC to. Is this what you might be looking for? 



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It does look like one of the actions you can select in fresh service automator actions is a CC to. Is this what you might be looking for? 



@keefe.andrews this action would be adding the email address as CC to the ticket and not actually send an email to the requester and CC participants.


@Alefre We see that the CC emails when parsed through web request and obtained as a placeholder, the values get changed as the name of the user. We’ll take it up internally and see if there are any alternatives and keep you updated on the ticket as well as here on the community.