Employee Onboarding Help!! (parent/child issues)

  • 12 September 2019
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I am having issues with my Employee Onboarding/Workflow

Automator Rules not working as expected.


This is needed before we can go live.


I have created an onboarding checklist that groups all items

into 6 buckets (6 child tickets to the main parent ticket)



Once the employee completes their part, the tickets get

created in the platform with all 7 showing “awaiting approval”.




I need help making it so that Workflow Automator sets the

Category as Employee Onboarding, it’s already doing it for one of the items

(Marketing Setup) but I cannot get it to do the same for ALL 7 tickets.




Also, when the hiring manager approves the parent ticket,

all children ticket are not updated to OPEN, they stay awaiting approval. 

When the parent ticket is approved by the hiring manager, all children tickets

need to update to Open so that the various agent groups can work on the item



Lastly- the other issue is that right now, the way this is

working the children tickets are getting assigned to the Agent group (as awaiting approval) but what we ideally would want to happen is that the children

tickets do not show up for the agents to work until the parent ticket is fully

approved, at which point we’d then want the various agents to see and fulfill

the items… is this possible?

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1 reply

Hi Robert,

I apologise for missing this topic.

The workflow seems to be achievable using a few workarounds. Please reach out to our support team at support@freshservice.com and we will be happy to help you.

Thanks for using Freshservice!