Freshservice workflow raise a ticket based on custom date field

  • 30 October 2022
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Hi community,

I am hoping someone can at least point me in the right direction if this is possible…

We have a SR for onboarding subcontractors. As part of this process we assess insurance details and the expiry date gets captured on the SR form. I am keen to build some form of workflow to automatically raise a new ticket one month (for example) before the insurance expiry date that has been captured on the SR form (which will be closed).

Is this even possible in FS? Any help would be appreciated.




3 replies

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The only way i can think of doing this is through scheduled workflows (only in beta at the moment). You would run a flow everyday that would check those Requested Items and that field date, compare it with the current date - 1month and action a webhook to create an SR. 

not sure of when this is coming into production but if it is in beta i hope it will not be too long. 


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Hi @Dave M, just as @afautley mentioned schedule workflows is most likely going to be your solution to this. You may be able to use a third party automation service like MS Power Automate to trigger the creation of a ticket but hopefully scheduled workflows will be available soon!

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Hmm. I’m trying to think this through whilst listening to Zachs recording! The joys of multi tasking! 

In terms of this form, have you looked at the onboarding options? Its possible (I’ve not done this myself) that you could create a task that takes that field data and uses it as scheduled date. You could build up a group that has all these alerts (which i guess means you can also then cluster them month by month in analytics) and look at using the supervisor to prompt you when its 30 days before that date. But you;re right the clearer option would be if something sat in the background like a scheduled task. The main issue I’d see with that is making sure you can automate the update from a manager to say they;re staying for another 3 months (I cant be the only one who gets contract extensions!). 

Power automate is also an incredibly powerful tool. I’ve just done one that grabs the wifi password thats sent to me every monday, and converts it into plain text before parsing the data and posting that into to the helpdesk Teams chat. Pretty much any microsoft product can talk to another microsoft product using that tool. So if you cant do it in FS then you can probably find a way in power automate! 


Just my thoughts anyway!