Hide/Disable the Reply Box on the Support Portal when ticket is closed

  • 15 January 2023
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Is there a way to Disable/Hide the Reply box on the support Portal when the ticket Status is closed?

I can setup a workflow that to send email to customer when user adds comment on the closed ticket. But that’s a secondary. Primarily, user should not able of reply on a closed ticket or the REPLY box should be disabled or hidden.

3 replies

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I’ve had a quick look and there is nothing under business rules, that is where i would expect that to be. Might have to be a portal customisation?



Hello @afautley 

Yes, I did check the Business Rules first. There is nothing there.

I Just got the response from the Support saying:

on the ticket we can only remove the option for all requesters, but cannot restrict this on closed tickets alone. Else, we can stop the existing ticket from being reopened and have this reply created as a separate ticket through a workflow.

This is insane. Freshservice calls the product is ITIL based. However, this is very very basic feature. The Only reason an enterprises goes for the ITSM portal is to track the incidents and requests along with how many times the repetitive incident was raised. If we can’t disable the reply box after the ticket is closed, it creates lot of issues like:

  • what if instead of raising a new incident, user end up replying on the old closed ticket, this will affect not just the count of incidents but will be difficult to track the repetitive issues.
  • It will affect the SLA if the ticket gets reopened.
  • It will also be difficult for a new Agent to track the notes of past and current issue.

I am absolutely disappointed with the solution, as it is lacking the basic feature.

with that said, as i don’t have much experience in customization, @afautley - do you have an script of way to customize this in the requester portal, based on the current status of the ticket the reply box gets disabled?

Any help will be appreciated.

Awaiting response.


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Unfortunately i do not, we done a little bit of portal customisation at the beginning of us signing up to freshservice but its more of a one of thing done a while ago. 


I understand your frustrations as there are some simple things that get limited in the product when there is no need. However i do feel being able to reopen tickets is a good feature, otherwise how do people reopen a ticket they feel is not completed? To question the product being ITIL based is a little bit too much for me, it is an ITIL based product.

I would suggest creating anew post as an Idea on this forum with your idea of being able to stop the ability of replying to a ticket if closed. (or at all). then maybe have a chat with your CSM who might be able to help pursue this. 


Good luck in your venture