Is it possible to report on asset relationships using analytics?

  • 29 September 2021
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The team are getting to grips with linking assets together with appropriate relationships and the relation ship maps are good but I’ve been asked by a manager if it’s possible to extract reports based upon the relationships which link various assets.

I’ve looked in analytics and can’t see how this can be done but I’m fairly new to Anlytics so I could well be missing something obvious.

We have public IP address ranges associated with Firewalls and these firewalls in turn associated with particular sites (using relationships between them) and I was asked if it was possible to pull a report out of analytics that could highlight gaps - ie Public IP address ranges that are not related to any firewalls etc.

All help/ suggestions gratefully received :slight_smile:



1 reply

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Hi @Mark Bissell,



We don’t have reports on Asset Relationships yet. We’ll be happy to forward your feedback as an enhancement request to our product team. Thank you for your suggestions.

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