Prevent SR closure when item stage is "Requested"

  • 1 January 2023
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I am trying to find away to prevent closure of (or automatically reopen) a service request when the requested item(s) are still in the Requested stage. 

The idea being that unless the Stage has been changed to something else, one ore more items may have been overlooked, so I want to make sure it is either Delivered, Cancelled, Fulfilled or Partially fulfilled.

I have looked at the Closure Rules, but they don’t involce item Stages, and the Stage field doesn’t seem to be present in neither Workflow Automator or Business Rules.

Is the API the only way to do this?


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I would say so, having a quick look there is nothing in business rules or supervisor rules which is where you would ideally like to have this… 

if you are having to do a workflow for it and the option is not there then it will be there in a web request.  


As it looks like you have to use a workflow, then do not forget to add some sort of communication to the agent on what has happened, it will be frustrating for them to see there ticket reopened without knowing why. 

also you will have to look at your communication on your ticket closures. If you send a communication out when a ticket gets resolved/closed then you will need to amend that communication too. you do not want your business being informed of a ticket being closed when it is being reopened automatically due to admin reasons. this could get quite messy depending on how your environment is setup.