Remove "Request for" within Service Requests

  • 6 December 2021
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I’d like to remove the “Request for” field within service request items in our service catalog, but haven’t been able to find anything that speaks to doing this.

Within a service request item, when I now select the field, I get this pop-up. I would love to uncheck the ‘Visibility in portal’ which I think would achieve my end goal. However I’m unable to uncheck that box. 


Has anybody been able to do this?


Best answer by Glavin Crasta 31 January 2022, 19:04

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Same question that i just asked support today and they came back with the following. As we heavily customise our Page Layout, i’ll need to get our 3rd party support to do this part so it doesn’t affect the overall look and feel. Feel free to give the below a go though in Sandbox (just in case)

Please navigate to Admin --> Helpdesk rebranding --> customise portal -->Layout and pages --> and paste the below code in the Page Layout box.


  jQuery(document).on('SideModalOpen', function() {
setTimeout(function() {

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Another easy approach is to hide the checkbox itself by adding the below script in Admin → Helpdesk rebranding → Customize portal → CSS

body[page="catalog_item"] #side-modal #side-modal-content .place-request-container .request-someone-container .request-container {
display: none;


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Thanks Glavin. That worked very well.