Switching to MSP mode on established HelpDesk

  • 7 June 2022
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We are looking to switch to MSP mode in order to provide alternate portal for different areas of our organization.


We wanted to confirm that there would be no impact to the current portal, tickets, changes etc other than the properties being adjusted for Company and Customers.


Essential when switching to MSP, does it affect anything in the current environment such as workflows, open ticket, . .  .  Didn’t want to flip the switch to find out the portal and content we have been using for nearly a year would be adjusted other then the two property names.

4 replies

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Hello @ITservicedesk This is an excellent question. @sanofar.allahpichai is a freshservice product expert who could answer this question with a bit more detail.

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 Thanks @zachary.king for looping us in.

Hi @ITservicedesk,
We confirm there should be no impact to your helpdesk data after switching to MSP mode. Requesters and Departments will be renamed to Contacts and Companies respectively. In addition to that, Conversational Portal and Freddy Virtual Agent will be disabled in MSP mode. You’ll be shown the below warning before switching to MSP mode:

Admin → Accounts → Other Details → Switch to MSP













I hope this helps. Cheers!

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Thank you @sanofar.allahpichai for the assistance! Knew we could count on you :)

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When you’ve switched to MSP Mode, you can add the following adjustments:

  1. set up a support email address

  2. integrate Sugar CRM

  3. associate contacts to companies based on email domain

However, be aware that if you decide to switch from the MSP module in the future, you will loose some settings too: 

  1. All created multiple portals for clients

  2. All the support email addresses assigned to companies

  3. Integration with Google Analytics, Salesforce, SugarCRM or Google Contacts (if you have them)