Unable to use Webhooks from Workflow Automator

  • 26 November 2021
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Hoping someone may have some guidance…

I’ve followed the guide to setup a Windows Server 2019 instance with .NET Framework 3, etc. enabled as instructed.

Attempting to use Webhooks through the Orchestration server, via Workflow Automator, fails every time. 

The error I get:

  "exit-code": -1,
  "message": "Exception occured for connector: httpwith message: connector not found",
  "status-code": -1

I have tried different webhook destinations (IFTTT, FreshService) and I’m able to use Insomnia API client to prove that my requests are formatted correctly since they work outside of using the Orchestrator.

This is also a brand new Windows server install, firewall turned off for testing, no issues reaching the internet from the server itself.  The server appears Online in the FreshService WebUI.

Poking around in the log files, specifically ..\osr\logs\error.log I have lines like this for every connector:

11-25-2021 23:36:09 EST ERROR []  spanId:  - :: tenant:: system Error occured while enabling orchestrator-http-connector connector : java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot find service descriptor file orchestrator-http-connector.json on classpath

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

4 replies


Great, thank you!

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Hi @brmapearce , we need to analyse this with our development team and I can see that you have already reached out to our support team over a ticket. Our team will keep you updated on the ticket based on our findings. We’ll also have this post updated on the resolution.



Team Freshservice


Will do, thanks very much!

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Hello there, @brmapearce -- welcome to the community!


I’m moving this over to our Freshervice forums for visibility, so our members can try to help you out. Keep us posted if you’ve had a chance to resolve this otherwise.