Sandbox Configurations

  • 22 March 2023
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Whenever i create a new sandbox I have to reconfigure the visibility of all the service requests.  This is very time consuming. is there a way I dont have to do this?

On a side note i think it would be useful to have two sandboxes.  One to configure and build in and one to do testing in (or have an actual FreshService support environment).



1 reply

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Hello @Dani I can attest that the sandbox is a real struggle in terms of using it for development. I have had many talks with the Freshworks team regarding this issue, and having to work with an environment that isn’t a true representation of our production environment. My suggestion is to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or the Freshservice Support team and see about spinning up a “Test” instance off of your current environment. You can then configure this to match your production environment and then you can have one for “Testing” and one as your “Sandbox”. I do know they are working on improving the sandbox experience this year.

Hope that helps.