Tickets created by Help Widget have //undefined URL from the page where the ticket was created

  • 1 February 2021
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Ticked created from Help Widget have additional information about user's Browser, OS and URL to the page where the ticket was created. Information about Browser and OS are correctly, but URL has //undefined value.



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Hi @versov, Good day! 


Ideally, this shouldn’t be the case as the URL of the site where the feedback widget is hosted should be populated here. Could you please confirm if this is the case with all tickets created using the widget? Also, can you hover over the ‘undefined’ link and confirm if you see the right URL?

If you could share the details, we would be glad to have this checked for you. 

You can also write to and our support buddies would follow up with you to troubleshoot this further. 




Freshworks Community Team  

Hi @Keer, thanks for quick feedback.

Yes, this is the case with all tickets created using widget. When I hover over the ‘//undefined’ there appears the right URL. 

I’ve created a topic on support.freshdesk ( with the same question and someone answered, that this problem started around September 2020.

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Thanks for checking this @versov, can you please share the URL where the widget is hosted so that we can have this checked further? 

Also, in similar cases in the past, we’ve noticed that the issue could be because of the referrer policy of the domain.  

To shed more light on how the process works, we use the referrer information that we receive in the request to show the URL of the page from where the ticket gets created.

Webpages have referrer policies by which they can send the entire url during a request or just the origin of the url. This is based on the type of request.


Looking forward to your reply! 




We’re also seeing this with the latest iteration of the Freshdesk Widget. We’ve tried setting the referrerpolicy attribute but the problem seems to be that the new widget creates a new <iframe> everytime the user opens the form, so this attribute gets dropped.

The classic widget works fine with using this attribute. We’re trying to upgrade to the “latest and greatest” but the referrerpolicy attribute is getting stripped and so only the origin is presented in the tickets.

We have the same issue like @ryanjopenquire, any ideas how that might be solved