Change Service Item Title and Description to remove Ellipsis

  • 31 October 2023
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Is it possible to change the behavior of the Title and Description lines as shown below on a Service Item so that neither are truncated by the ellipsis? Even when we make the tile wider, it doesn’t allow any more of the title or description to display. Is there CSS that someone can provide to fix this?



5 replies

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Wonderful request.

Let’s wait for someone else’s response, but I’d suggest to submit a support case. They will help you with this, with the UX team, if possible.




I have a ticket open with support to see if this is possible.


FYI - Support says this is not possible.

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Hi @jlambert 

Hope you are well, Apologies that the support person wasn’t able to help you out. I have a piece of code which maybe you can try and might help you out:



    $(document).on("PageUpdate", function (event) {

        if ( !== "catalog_items") return;


        var listItemsContainer = $("#list-items");

        var updateItemNames = function (items) {

            items.forEach(function (item) {


                    .find('a[href="/support/catalog/items/' + + '"] .item-name')







        listItemsContainer.on("NewContent.nameupdate", function (event) {






If you can paste this in the Footer section of Rebranding and check if it works?


Ammar KB

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It is troubling just how locked down the service catalog is. I don’t like the fact that we can’t do more customization of this environment. They give us free reign on the support portal but then prevent us from doing much to the service catalog. One thing we have had them implement on our behalf is to add code that expands the description text on all individual service items. That has made it a little better.