is this FreshDesk feature available in FreshService?

  • 15 November 2014
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Forwarding emails from a private inbox to your support portal

Occasionally, your customers might email your support agents directly or you might have a mailbox full of emails that need to be converted to support tickets. This can be done by just forwarding them to your support email address. Tickets that are forwarded from a verified agent's email address will be created in the name of the customer who sent the email to the agent. But when you forward existing emails from a mailbox (where this mailbox is not associated with an agent), the requester will be the mailbox and the time stamp of the ticket will be the time the email was forwarded.

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7 replies

Yes Gordon

This feature is available in Freshservice too, provided when forwarding the mail, you're doing that from the Agent/Admin mailbox


This doesn't appear to be working for us.  When I forward an email to FreshService, I am listed as the requester rather than the original sender.  I have verified that the email address on my agent account matches my outgoing email address.  


Hope this might help... Make sure in the email being forwarded that the header info for the forwarded message has the original sender's email address. I had the same problem, but realized my email client hadn't included the email address in the header info, just the display name.

I'd guess that tickets submitted with "Fw" or "Fwd" get scanned for the header info, and will pull the email address that follows the "From" field. If there's no email address, it can't change the requester. :)

Thanks for the suggestion!

It turns out that this is actually the issue.  We use Microsoft Outlook and it does not include the email address in the header of the forwarded message.  It replaces all known contacts with just their display name.  I tested this by manually adding the email address in the "From:" portion of the header. FreshService then assigned the correct requester.  Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be a workaround for Microsoft Outlook to get it to include the email addresses in these headers.

Outlook here, too. My iPhone mail app includes the email address, so forwarding from there works correctly. Otherwise, I manually add <> after the display name in the header when forwarding from Outlook.

Oh, so that's why... thank you guys, I have the exact same problem and now I know why and how to work around it. 

Also experiencing this issue annoyingly. Is there any plans to integrate into exchange?