Useful help text in Incident forms to help your users make better choices

  • 25 October 2018
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It's very hard for end users to actually determine the right impact and urgency in an Incident form. A part of that is because they don't really know what "Low", "Medium" or "High" means. In their world, everything could be high.

Here's a code snippet that'll add useful help text just beneath your ticket fields. Something like this. It might help your end users make the right choice.

Here's how you can get this on your Self Service portal. 

Place this code snippet under Admin -> Helpdesk Rebranding -> Layout & Pages -> Portal Pages -> New Ticket AFTER the existing code snippet. 

I'd recommend doing during non business hours to test it out.  Hope this helps!

Here's the script:



jQuery(this).append("<h4 id = 'impact_help_text' style='padding: 5px;'> </h4>")

jQuery(this).append("<h4 id = 'urgency_help_text' style='padding: 5px;'> </h4>")

jQuery("#helpdesk_ticket_impact").on('change', function(){

switch(jQuery("#helpdesk_ticket_impact").val()) {

case '1':
jQuery("#impact_help_text").text("It affects only me");

case '2':
jQuery("#impact_help_text").text("It affects my whole team");

case '3':
jQuery("#impact_help_text").text("It affects the entire division or department");


}) //end change

jQuery("#helpdesk_ticket_urgency").on('change', function(){

switch(jQuery("#helpdesk_ticket_urgency").val()) {

case '1':
jQuery("#urgency_help_text").text("I need it resolved within this week");

case '2':
jQuery("#urgency_help_text").text("I need it resolved by today");

case '3':
jQuery("#urgency_help_text").text("I need this resolved ASAP!");


}) //end change

jQuery("#helpdesk_ticket_urgency, #helpdesk_ticket_impact").val(1).trigger('change')



6 replies

This was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks.

WOW Just posted for this and you've got it! I Love this community.

See you all at Refresh!

Is there anyway this can get applied to the Freddy Incident form? We have this working Classic Portal, but not on Freddy:


Agreed this would be huge, we have this deployed for classic portal and would love to see it in Freddy...

On a side note, at Refresh, they did mention this will be configurable so the custom script will not be needed in the future.  The stock high/medium/low would be customization to whatever we want.

Any ETA on that?


Thank you all for your feedback.

As of now we don’t have an option to customise the ticket form when using Freddy.

We’ll take this feedback to our product team and will keep the thread updated once we have updates over the same. 

Happy supporting! 

Love this, but did not work for me - any tips?