Alert Management - automation only partially working

  • 9 June 2022
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We are using the Alert Management Feature.   It works well.

However, when an alert is generated and an incident ticket is created we want automation e.g. 

A workflow runs upon ticket creation.   This works fine.

The problem is that when a ticket is updated or resolved, the workflow automation does not run.

I have a case logged for several weeks on it, want to see if anyone has any workarounds.

At first I was told this was a bug. Then no its not a bug, its the way its designed.

But what is the point of automation, if workflows trigger only on ticket creation, but not updates or resolution?  

1 reply

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Hi @rory.higgins 
The workflows should now trigger when an alert marks an incident as resolved. 
Let me know if you are still facing issues with alert related automations.