Can someone help me with duplicate ticket creations?

  • 22 April 2024
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Our company uses an MSP for our Service Desk and we do not have visibility or access into their ticketing system.  We purchased Freshservice as a means for the MSP to raise escalations to our teams within our company, so that we can manage the tickets that were escalated to us.  We do not use Freshservice like a normal customer-facing ticketing system, because all customer interaction should essentially go through the MSP, however on occasion we need to be able to involved.  Essentially, the Requesters on our tickets are the MSP Service Desk engineers so that they can get notes and resolution comments when we complete the ticket, so that they can follow up with the customer to ensure that it has been resolved.

Because we use Freshservice this way, our subjects need to incorporate our MSP’s subject line, which is no problem, but I am trying to avoid putting the Freshservice Ticket ID in the subject because 1) I don’t want to confuse our customers (aka employees), and 2) the Ticket ID won’t be appended to the MSP’s subject on their end.

I took the “ticket id” out of most of the automated email responses for these two reasons, but I’m getting quite a lot of duplicate tickets and I don’t have the time to manage and merge all the tickets that come in.

Here is an example of how their tickets come into Freshservice:

Essentially most of the tickets will say “Ticket : 123456”, but sometimes it will say Call instead of Ticket, and sometimes it comes in with a “RE:” or “FW:” in the beginning.

Hoping someone might have an idea for me here!

2 replies

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You need to start with adding the Freshservice ticket number in the subject. You need a automation and use API to do that. There should be post here on the forum how to. 

Second contact Freshservice support for enable Mail threads. 

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Adding to Daniel’s response:
By Default, FreshService relies on ID in the subject (in a specific format) in order to Mail Thread. There are other factors, but that is the main one.

By removing it you may be removing core functionality to do Mail Threading.


Your use case is pretty well described and is kind of common. As Daniel suggested, you should contact support and see if they could help you further, but I wouldn’t put all my hopes here. Hope I be wrong.