Can we developer a serverless timer clock when ticket raised ?

  • 25 April 2022
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Hello Dev,

Can we create a serverless app for freshservice, where ticket get raised. App will start a clock from start from second. (e.g. 20 Sec) Which will be stored in custom form field for ticket property. Which value can we use at workflow level to trigger some workflow after custom time when ticket is raise. Can any one help me to get developed ?



Best answer by adityatawade 28 October 2022, 20:36

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2 replies

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Thank you team for Adding Timer Node in Workflows, This make life easy 

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Hello @adityatawade 

Hope you are well,

Thank you for elaborating your use-case, However we have an App named “Auto-timer”, You can set status on when it should start ticking on the ticket, This would store a timesheet report in the ticket.

Whereas, The Workflow only executed by a manual trigger, The Time-based action can only be performed by the Supervisor rules in freshservice for now. Please feel free to raise a ticket to to validate the feasability of the request.JoSHYB8ggrwMummNZFAVuC9oN3CYrsoAabRQLH14_3HrBuOaRuswG4hz-YviaZNL3n1GjbqjzX9LZ4WLks6SkQhDl9mvYwLWhwRr4phBVZ00KKMN9ygVbCqEJ0IY0TP9ngn1hlSaB_9VyYODmwjzhNHiVgFGFOV1zb4v43ZSre2afKMOx4g4McSiS2Fag8JhZipU_9Q6Dk9T_lSVREKeIBbWcc6om_eLa1U7XqHbWvJEKa8HPx79z-jE9OTL8VXfVGWc0A0r_9lw-_c6PkxW-iELvIDvFvklyudw

Also, We are working on Time-based automations for Workflow but do not have an ETA on this! 

However you can update your ideas in

Hope this helps!