Convert Service Request to Incident and With Custom Data?

Hi there. So my company are just starting to use FreshService. We wanted individual buttons / offerings available for specific issues / systems and so we built out a service catalog of items based on various issues. Some of these offerings though are more 'Incident' than 'Service Request' though and so we utilised the Workflow Automator to - pretty easily - convert these offerings in question to Incidents after being raised.


We have just noticed and realised that during the conversion from Service Request to Incident, the custom data gathered in the Service Request is not carrying over to the Incident.

And I'm wondering if there is any way around this? Is there a way to make the conversion carry that custom data over? Or are we going to need drop this idea?

Thanks for any information.


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Hi Martin,



Here is an idea. You can add a private note on the ticket with all the service item custom field data using the placeholders before converting the type from Service Request to Incident. The custom data in the service item form will be retained in the private note and agents can refer to it.




This would work if you are not planning on manipulating the service item fields in other workflows. Let us know your thoughts on this.




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Here is a ~4 minute recording provided on behalf of another Freshservice customer. After a few clicks to create a Scenario rule, you can have this no-code option available for your agents. 

Easily convert a Service Request to an Incident & keep requester input
Passcode: SR-2-INC!

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Since the recording is no longer available, here is a screenshot on how to configure a Scenario that agents can execute as needed. 

Scenario Rule to convert a SR to an INC while maintaining form fields in the SR description.