Employee onboarding - scope additional stake folders to a group?

  • 26 October 2022
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Hi All

Our Employee Onboarding module has been setup that a line manager logs the request, and a member of HR approves the request before the ticket is then logged. The problem i have had with this is that you can't scope a group to the "Add a stakeholder" section.

The approval could come from any one person in the HR team - HR want to all be included in the approval email.

I haven't figured out how to do this natively within the onboarding module so have scoped the process to a designated HR individual for now by:

  • Adding "HR Individual" as a stake holder 
  • Having a field in the form that captures the individual HR team member dealing with the request (Which is a look up for "Use FS Users as Source). 
  • Modify Approvals - set this to "HR Team".

Having a re-think about this, could i achieve what i am looking for by bypassing the approval in the employee onboarding module "Auto Approve Tickets and Skip Approval Emails" and then create a workflow that when an employee onboarding ticket is logged, send an approval email to multiple HR recipients with the option "To be approved by anyone" set?

Would that work? How are other people handling this?



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