Error's with Azure AD - Orch Add user to group with username

  • 29 October 2021
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Hi all, i have a question which i wish to pose and need some advice, we have a workflow Automator to allow our HR collogues the ability to create new employee accounts via the Service Request module in FreshService. 


All this while the “ Azure AD - Orch Add user to group with username “ is working fine especially when adding users to mail enabled security distribution list. Ever since 25th October 2021 , we have been receiving errors in return , error is as followed. (Cannot Update a mail-enabled security groups and or distribution list.) 


Does anybody face the same issue, We need them to be added into mail enabled security DL primarily because each DL has its own unique License / Permissions settings. 


2 replies

We have the exact same Problem!

Still no clue why

Hi @hafizhussain and @plonerich


Hope you are doing good!

I am afraid that the we would not be able to add users to mail enabled security groups as of today. 

This is a default behaviour of the Azure AD. 

However, you can add a user to mail enabled security groups using MS AD and perform a sync provided if you are using a hybrid environment.