How to send notification to approver that ticket has been modified after rejection

  • 16 February 2023
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Hello Team,

I have an automation that assigns approvers in a hierarchical fashion for specific service requests. If the second approver rejects it emails the requestor and the requestor can edit the ticket as needed according to the rejection reason.

Is it possible to email the approvers so that they can reapprove the ticket? How do I do this?


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Hello @abigayle.paulson 

Hope you are well, Apologies for the delay in reaching out to you on this,

Would it be alright if after rejection we re-send the Email to all the Approvers in hierarchial fashion?

Consider a Service Request: (SR-100), There are 3 Approvals for this.

-->1st Approver approves the Request.

-->2nd Approver rejects it,

Lets create a status in Admin-->Field Manager-->Form fields(rejected).


We would now change the status to rejected if anyone of the Approvers rejects it.


Create a new Workflow for Rejections alone:

Event:(Reply is sent by Requester)

Condition: Status is rejected.

Action: Send Approval Email.


Let me know if you have queries! Hope this helps!