Setup 2 orchestration server. One goes down, switch to the other one

  • 10 August 2022
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I know its possible to setup multiple orchestration server, but I want to know if its possible to switch to another if one goes down?
We have 2 AD server with redundancy and both of them havve orchestration server installed.
If server A goes down, use server B automatically.

In our workflow I need to enter 1 specific orchestration server for every AD actions, powershell , etc.
If server A goes down, all the workflow stop to be executed.

Any way to fix this?

Thank you

1 reply

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Hi @maxlehot1234 Man I wish there was!!!! I have also asked for this functionality. My use case revolves around a test environment. For example every time I spin up a sandbox to build out functionality I have to recreate an Orchestration server and uninstall and reinstall the server agents on our Orchestration Server. Very time consuming. 

For your situation could you install the Orchestration server Agent on a Single Server and install the Active Directory Administration tools on that same server? Then if AD Server A goes down and now AD is working on AD Server B it would still work through the administration tools on the Orchestration dedicated server? Not sure if that would work, but just a thought. 

Hope that helps. Take care!