How can I search tickets by author / creator ?



Is is possible to search tickets by the name of the agent that created them ?

Please help


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@ddemontangon I don’t believe this is possible simply through search. I have not found a way to do this in freshservice. But what would be nice is, not only to be able to search and filter by the agent who wrote the article, but also see a list of solution articles submitted/published inside of the Agent’s profile. This would make for a nice portfolio for the agent. At least in my opinion!

+1 following to see what the product team says is possible.


Too bad, thanks  @zachary.king 

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Hi  @ddemontangon,

Welcome to the Community :) 

I understand you are looking to search your tickets with regards to the agent, unfortunately we do not offer such a feature within our search preference as of now, but as a workaround you can try to filter the tickets additionally using the ticket filter options after performing search-


But coming to the ease of searching through tickets using the agent name, we can take this up as a feature request and have this passed on to our products team. In general, the requests will be processed based on the number of users who've requested for it and based on the priority and current schedule of the feature request queue. 

Apart from this, please help me understand if you have any further queries to be addressed, I will be happy to help!