How can I assign leads to a set of users equally?

  • 2 September 2020
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When a lead is added in Freshsales, the lead’s data is run against the territory rule. If the data satisfies the conditions of the rule, the lead is assigned to the territory. Leads in a territory are auto-assigned to users assigned to the same territory in a round-robin fashion.

2 replies

How do you setup a round robin to distribute two leads to all Senior Execs and only one lead to junior sales execs in one round? 

Hi @sriram.palaniappan ,

There is a tool on Freshworks Marketplace whish is called Mapsly that has territory management solution which might be a solution to your problem. It directly integrates with Freshworks and inside the tool you can create territories and assign leads against the territory in a round-robin fashion. The tool has a free 14-day trial, so feel free to sign up and play around with it :)