MAINTENANCE NOTICE: The community is going through some changes!

  • 21 November 2021
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Hello there fellow members!


If you’re on the community and see weird things taking place (conversations going missing, categories not being available, changes in the home menu etc.) do not worry or panic!

We’re making some due changes that will help with the next phase in the community as we look to bring together more members, better spaces for discussions, additional programs and most of all structure.


In the upcoming week, look out for our updated and newest articles on the changes, how to navigate the new community space, where & how to ask your questions, what it means to be part of our community and so on! We want to ensure we create the right space & environment for our members to learn and connect as easily as possible.


Shoot us an email at, should you have any concerns, questions, or ideas!



1 reply

Thank you for the update regarding the changes happening in the community. It's great to hear that you are actively working on improving the community space for better discussions and member engagement.

I appreciate your effort in providing updated articles and resources to help us navigate the new community space. It's important to have a clear understanding of how to ask questions, participate in discussions, and make the most out of our community membership.

Looking forward to the updated community experience and being part of a thriving space for learning and connection.