Freshservice (Internal) to Freshservice (Partner) Integration

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The company I work for uses Freshservice, one of our service providers has also recently moved to Freshservice. Are there integrations of recommended approaches to integrating the two instances?

We want to be able to transfer (some) tickets from our platform to the providers. If transfers are not possible, any recommend approaches in Sync’ing tickets between the two platforms?


Best answer by zachary.king 1 August 2022, 15:37

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Hello @aread007 I don’t believe there is anyway to link these two accounts for tickets. But what you can do is leverage automation and the freshservice API to duplicate tickets in each instance. This would require something like Microsoft PowerAutomate to trigger the ticket creation in the different instances as well making sure that you have the appropriate authorization to create tickets in both instances of freshservice. 

You might even be able to create a workflow automator that is triggered by a specific ticket that gets created in your instance, then do a web request or webhook to the other freshservice instance, as long as you have a valid agent API key for that instance, and then send that request body with placeholders of information from the ticket that the workflow triggers on. 

Best of luck!

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Hi Zach, yeah I thought it would be a bit of a stretch to have this very edge case baked in.

Thanks for the guidance on possible approaches.


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Nothing nativ as @zachary.king say but there are integration platforms that can do it. 
Could be done with WFA or custom app as well I think.



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@aread007 Glad I could help out!