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  • 27 February 2015
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We've configured SAML SSO in our service desk and require that requesters be logged into the portal to create requests.  When browsing via the web, this works correctly and users are redirected to our SSO provider to authenticate.  On both the iOS and Android apps do not redirect. Additionally, they do not accept proper credentials, so I am unable to login.  Users who exist in the system (manually added) that are not a part of our SSO implementation are allowed to sign in.

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15 replies

Hi Ryan,

I'm sorry for begin so late in responding to your query. Yes, the Android and iOS apps do not directly support the SSO authentication and they allow access only using the credentials that a user directly has with freshservice.

To solve the issue, your users can request for a password reset link using the "Forgot password" option in the login form of your freshservice account and set a password for their accounts, by which they can login to the iOS and Android applications (at this point,the SSO creds and the freshservice creds stand valid).

Please let us know if this worked for you. Have a great day.



Thank you for the reply, Radheshyam.  Unfortunately, this is not an ideal workaround.  One of the benefits of SSO is the ability to centrally manage identity.  If users can bypass SSO and rely on a separate username and password, then they can access the system even if their AD credentials are disabled.  Also, it creates confusion for end users who might not understand why they have two different sets of credentials in different circumstances.



Hi Ryan,

I completely agree with your point, Ryan. We are working on ways to implement SSO authentication in our mobile applications and since it hasn't been finalised yet, I suggested the workaround for the time being. I understand that it is very confusing to maintain 2 separate sets of credentials. I'll consult with my Product Management team and get back to you at the earliest.



Hi Ryan,

I consulted with my Product Management team and i'm glad to inform you that we already have this feature on our roadmap and you can expect this in 3 - 4 months time. I know that it is long but we are currently working on optimising the apps for iPads and Android tablets.

I'll definitely keep you posted and i recommend that you follow the Announcements section of the forum, where we regularly update the features on our roadmap and also publish release notes for every month.



Thanks, Radheshyam.  Glad to hear its on the roadmap.  Thanks!

Sure, any time Ryan. Glad that i could be helpful. If you need any help, it is just a click away!. :)

I would like to bumb this topic.

I would love to see this implemented as well.  Using the iPhone app is pointless if users need to juggle multiple accounts. 

So and updates to this?

8 months ago it was expected in 3-4 months.

Is it working now, or are we doing something wrong as the APP still requires a username and password.

Any updates on this folks?

Also - is the roadmap that keeps being mentioned published anywhere?

This is still not working. Is there an update as to when it may be implemented?

We are also waiting for this! Any update for the product team ?

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the delay on this & thanks for your patience. We have an update for you. 

SAML/SSO support for Freshservice mobile apps is now in active development and we expect it to be available for the iOS/Android mobile apps by early June. We will let you know here when the app update is available on the App/Play store.


Freshservice Product Management team.

Hi Everyone,

SAML based SSO has been made available on both android & iOs app. Please ensure you update the app from respective app stores to enjoy seamless functioning of SSO.

Please do write back if you face any issues.


Fresh service Product Management Team.

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Hi Marry,

Yes the SSO options are available in the mobile app right now. Can you share a couple of screenshots of your mobile app or reach out to our support team at for assistance?