Workflow Of the Week - Session 3 - Automate Major Incident Response

  • 2 September 2021
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Workflow of the Week is a recurring series that will showcase all things workflow, such as use cases, enhancements, tips, and tricks.

This session gives you a brief walkthrough on “How to Automate Major Incident response” using Slack and Zoom orchestration apps.

Useful Resources:

  • Note on MS Teams: Microsoft's APIs at the moment do not support this use case in its entirety, but here's an example you can make use of.

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4 replies

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An interesting concept. I may adapt this slightingly for teams. :) 

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 @Tshepo, sorry for the late reply, the cyber security world is keeping me busy these days.  Yes, I did get something working for my team here.  What are you looking to achieve? I can elaborate a bit more on my solution.


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Creating a solution similar to this has been on my backlog. Time to get working on it and implementing it for our organization. Finding ways to get Major Incident notifications in front of key players is paramount for a fast and effective solution!!! 😎

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Hi @mmccoy ,

I hope you are well.

Did you get around to adapting this workflow for Teams? If so could you kindly share the steps you took?