Can I add additional custom approval fields?

  • 23 December 2021
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Regarding Service Request Tickets:

I was wondering if it would be able to add another field for entering data (Net Value, gross value, additional comments) for an approving department before routing to another department to input more information and approve.



I am creating a Service request to dispose of assets. After a requester submits the ticket, the ticket should route to the finance department to look at the request and put in more data (i.e. Net value of asset) and from there, after they approve the request, it should go to the facility department for final steps and final approval.

1 reply

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The approval email that is sent for Service Requests can be customized if the mail is sent through the Email Notification Template that is found under Admin -> General Settings -> Email Notifications -> Agent Notification -> Service Request Approval .


You can insert the Placeholders as shown in the below screenshot.



Here you can enter the ticket field’s data that you want to show up in the email from the placeholder list.


If you want to add more fields that you want to show up in the email , you can create ticket fields under the Field Manager found under Admin -> General Settings -> Field Manager.


Once a field is added , you can use them as a placeholder again from the list as shown in the above screenshot.