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  • 1 February 2023
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HR started using our FreshService to help them with different new hire forms. We created HR privileged group and currently using one form called job requisition form. Purpose of this is form is when manager wants to hire new employee they would fill this form and attach job description and then need to get approvals from their manager and then goes to financial department and they need to approve it as well in order to move forward and create new job posting. 

Following are problems that I stumble upon: 

Notification that managers get looks like this ( pic 1)  they need to click top link to see details and then click 2nd link to see attachment. Is there a way to create approval email notification that contains everything under one link. So its more user friendly.  

Second problem was when HR need to send reminder for approver to approve request FreshService is using our main helpdesk email not HR email address. 

Third and last is there a way to create two request for approval email templates. So HR has own with their signature and we IT team can have own. 


1 reply

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I’m unable to see your attachment to see what you are running into. I’ve created a similar workflow that staff enters the request goes to manager for approval then goes to finance for approval (check if in budget) then CEO for final approval then finally to HR to start the HR process.  Works fine. It is single threaded so if any of those in the workflow are unavailable like my manager is on vacation it will sit there until the manager returns and reviews.

I dont use the default approval email, I create one in the actions that includes the details entered in the SR with the attachment so everything should be there to approve. Only issue I have is I’d like some information to not be recorded like salary so the IT staff doesn’t see the salary information communicated so I’ve removed those fields which means it has to be communicated separately outside the SR. Which pretty much means, why have a SR to begin with.

Aside from that it works well.