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  • 23 January 2022
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Hi there, 

we have a lot of differents scenarios (we talk 6 languages) and I think that it’s necessary to allow us to classify Scenarios into folders, or give us the option to search by name of Scenario. Right now we have to navigate page by page and we lost a lot of time. 


A serach option in Canned Responses and Ticket templates would we nicee too.


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7 replies

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Love this idea!! We are also implementing more and more scenarios - and being able to organize them into folders for specific groups or Roles would be ideal!

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We really need this too!


Any updates?

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why is this listed as SOLVED?  still no search available….

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Hey @reuven ,

Greetings from Freshworks Community!

If you’re referring to search option for canned response, there is actually a way to search Canned responses inside a reply editor.

You can type “/c” and search for the canned response inside the Reply editor. Please check the below article for more info:'c'%20after%20the%20slash,solution%20articles%20into%20your%20responses.

Jebas D.

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true but the issue is trying to find when editing and one can not edit from there.

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@reuven Feel free to upvote my Idea here:

@Jebas And even within a ticket you cannot search for their contents, only for their titles.


Question :


Does anyone has experience with analytics around scenarios ?


I am looking to add an automation and adda tag for each scenario executed and after setup a quick report to track the number of cases /scenarios executed (daily , weekly , monthly , at group level).

Ty in advance !