Employee Onboarding automation and Data Source Items

  • 8 October 2021
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In the onboarding form, one can add dropdowns such as Location sourced from locations, Hiring Manager from All FS Users, etc.  But, in an automator processing the request, it doesn’t seem like we can get attributes of these items, like “hiring manager email” or “location country” and so on.

For example, if we use this placeholder (“Location”):


We get the location name, but if we try (details like this are necessary as part of account provisioning):


We get nil.

How does one get at data “behind” a form field like this? Is anyone doing this successfully?


(for what it’s worth, we’ve solved a couple cases like this by doing API queries back at Freshservice, but that’s odd and clunky compared to just having the data available)


5 replies

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Hey Mike,


Where is {{}} stored? Meaning is it defined in the ticket or on the backend and you are trying to import it into the workflow?

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now that I look at this one, location was a bad example, because it should be “”, but this was just a hand-typed example, I also tried other dropdown fields that draw from object lists, like Requesters, etc.  In each case, in the automator, I would get the name of the object in e.g. “ticket.onboarding_request.actor_1.cf_hiring_manager” but if I try to reference attributes like e.g. “ticket.onboarding_request.actor_1.cf_hiring_manager.primary_email”, I get Nil


cf_location is a dropdown in the onboarding form that reads from Locations, I acknowledge that this is technically a custom field, but the expectation is that it’s a reference to the location object in Freshservice, not just a string of the location’s name.  Just getting the string of say, a person’s name, is not all that useful.

Here’s an example Note that I stuck into the flow, and what it actually renders:

Hiring mgr: {{ticket.onboarding_request.actor_1.actor_2}}
Hiring mgr email: {{ticket.onboarding_request.actor_1.actor_2.primary_email}}

Location: {{ticket.onboarding_request.actor_1.cf_location}}
Location country: {{}}

And here’s what I get in the Note:

Hiring mgr: Mike Culbertson
Hiring mgr email:

Location: Boston
Location country:


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I have issues in using Custom Fields under the Onboarding Workflow - Can any of you guide how or in which format i should use code lets say for Office or Webpage field for the user in AD ?

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Hi @ayounkh123

If you’re using an Orchestration you can simply use the Placeholders from the Onboarding to have this accomplished, For instance, I use Azure AD and these are the text fields I have in my Onboarding Service Request.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks @Ammar KB - However i am struggling with moving the created user to their respective OU.

I used the reader and custom objects option but still unsuccessful