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Has anyone found a way to disable the email function in the FreshService sandbox?  Not just the notifications but all email?

We have workflows where emails are sent out for a variety of reasons. When testing in the sandbox these emails are triggered causing confusion to those receiving them.  Yes even though it indicates it’s from the sandbox.

I don’t want to remove these actions from the workflow as that’s part of what I’m testing.  I just don’t want the emails to actually get sent.  

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Hello @suzanne.blinn, currently there is no way to prevent this. We have requested a feature enhancement on this so hopefully it will change. But at the moment I have just made it part of my normal workflow when creating a sandbox to disable all email notifications, and deactivate any workflow automators that we have for email notifications (which are a lot lol). 

I don’t see them removing the ability to email out of the sandbox completely as its the goal of the sandbox to represent the production environment as closely as possible. But would be nice is the ability to toggle this functionality on and off.

Sorry I don’t have better news.

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Hello @zachary.king thanks for confirming.  It’s unfortunate the feature is not available but hopefully it will be added.  As you mention it would be nice to at least be able to toggle it on & off.  That’s the functionality I’ve had in the past and it’s a much better experience.  You can fully test your workflow without any email actually being sent and just turn it on for the final test to ensure you’ve entered the email address correctly before syncing to prod.

For now I will proceed as you’ve recommended by removing those portions of the workflow until I actually want an email triggered.

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