Intune Integration Updates?? & Discovery Agent?

  • 23 November 2022
  • 2 replies


First, the documentation for the Intune integration is over 2 years old. Any updates?

Second, if we integrated with Intune, would we still deploy the FS Discovery Agent? Why?

2 replies

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Ourselves we stopped using the Intune app (as well as the Dell Warranty Lookup app) basically because we could not get to the level of trust and support for these third-party developed apps (Freshservice support would not assist with them, which is not acceptable to us.)

We are very happy with the FS Discovery Agent for managing our inventory of Windows computers, and have no need to import iPhones/Android devices from Intune. YMMV.



Thanks for the reply, my concern as well. On the surface seems like a good idea given we can keep Agents in a limited number of applications, but I don’t like the lack of support for these integrations and we wouldn’t use it for mobile devices either.

The fact that the community is silent about this integration for more than 2years is a big red flag anyway.