Visibility rules for Agents+Requester??

  • 22 February 2023
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Is there a way that I can set “visibility” rules on Service Items that applies for all users, i.e. Requester + Agents?

I can’t find a way. If I for example would like to publish a service item for users in a specific location I would like that rule to apply all users but I do not understand how to achieve that.

We have quite many Agents spread across many departments and geographical locations and it will be difficult over time if we can not apply the same rules for them as they as employees in many situations are Requesters.

3 replies

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Not sure you wrote Not when you meant you know. 

For requester you need to use requester groups, Create & Manage Requester Groups : Freshservice
They can be dynamic depending of meta data on the requester. Makes it even mor imported that you import title and location of the requester. 

For agents you need to use agent groups but they are not dynamic so it will be overhead administration. You could create a new group only for the purpurs  of access. Then with a business rule you hide that group so no one can assign tickets to that group. It’s a bit complex but you can get it to work. 

You add the groups here


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Thanks for the response @daniel.soderlund 

I know that I can do those things already but I do not think that it is a viable solution for our organization. It will be hard to manage and administer this over time as those Agent groups will need to be managed manually as soon as new Agents are added or when Agents are changing organizations etc.

I’m putting in an idea for this.


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Dynamic agent groups would be nice as well. So you could control the access in AD