IS an activation email mandatory?

  • 28 March 2023
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Hi all, when I create a contact in Freshservice an activation email is send per default. Users have to confirm that this is their email.
We work not with a person as a contact but a branch office. Most of them have no unique email address. What I do is a generate a fake email address because this is mandatory.
They can not validate the address because … I do not have to explain. 😂
Are they able to see their tickets in our front-end without an confirmed email (login) address?

If not is there a solution for this?

I am grateful for all solutions.


4 replies

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You get around the “fake” adress you could use something like this. 
Plus Addressing in Exchange Online | Microsoft Learn
It works the same in gmail. 


They need a e-mail to login and they need to be able to set the password. 
The reset password link is sent by e-mail. 



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Or add a alias to a mailbox. 

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Hi @EricRoeland


Thank you for reaching out! 


To skip verification emails, please disable “User activation email” in the requester section of Email notification. In addition to this, enable SSO as a login type so that users get verified on their first successful login via SSO - Excluding Email verification step. 



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Dear @Preethi S,

this seems a logical solution. The only thing is disable “User activation email” was already UN-marked.

And I can only enable SSO for Google password. Contacts are not within our domain. Where can I find this?

I still get people complain abouot not able to access the portal.