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  • 16 May 2022
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Hi there,

We would like to be able to add a template to the description box for submitter to use as standard when submitting details of their issues, so we can help shape the information that we require from people.

I cant see anyway to insert anything here - is it possible?

Thanks all,



4 replies

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Hi @Nally - hmm there doesn’t appear to be any way to add a template to the Description field but have you looked into making custom fields in Field Manager?  You can then create drop downs for each topic and eliminate the wobble from users guessing how things are spelled. lol


There’s even a Content type button that can be used to add comments onto the form to provide support and direction to users who are filling in the form on FS.


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We can add something like this



<section class="content main rounded-6" id="create-ticket">
    <h3 class="heading">{% translate ticket.submit_ticket_title %}</h3>
      {% snippet new_ticket_form %}
<div class="priority-info">

    <h4><strong style="color:#00B0F0">Ticket Submission Tips</strong></h4>
  Below are some examples of information to include in the incident description.
   <li>Are your colleagues also experiencing the issue?</li>

<li>  When did the issue start?</li>
<li>When was it last working correctly?</li>
<li> What is the impact for you?</li>
<li>Have you tried restarting the computer/application?</li>
<li>Attach relevant screenshots. E.g. error messages.</li>

<section class="sidebar content-light rounded-6" id="new-ticket-search">
    {% snippet related_articles_list %}




replace the whole code in the new ticket form to see the results

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Hi @Nally, Were you able to try out the suggestions?

It would be really helpful if you could mark the workaround which worked out the best for you.

Let us know by hitting the “Best Answer”!






Thanks for the replies. Freshservice support offered a small jQuery script that allowed me to add alternative text perfectly - this is the result and works great: