How do you measure IT self-service success?

  • 20 September 2021
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So you’ve implemented an IT self-service portal but how well is it doing?

These stats from a recent survey with Freshworks show that:

  • 18% of organizations don’t measure IT self-service portal usage    
  • 41% of organizations use quantitative measures such as usage volumes    
  • 21% of organizations use immediate qualitative measures such as employee feedback on transactions    
  • 18% of organizations use periodical qualitative measures such as generic employee feedback

I’ve never seen a definitive set of self-service performance measures but I do know that the measurement of the related employee experience in lost productivity terms is a real eyeopener (the headline is that employees lose far more productivity helping themselves than calling the IT service desk).

So, what are you using to measure your self-service success (and to drive improvements)? Please share this as a response to help others. 

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