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i’m new user addicted to Freshworks suite...:-D

I have a question.

I do create a system for track the KPI on my business sales (real estate sector).

For example:

  1. N° of visit on flat;
  2. N° on sales offer send;
  3. N° of contract signed;
  4. N° of contract cashflow;

Do you have a similar experience?

What i can use for track this? What type of workflow?




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Hello Luigi, 

Greetings from the Freshworks Community!

I understand you’re looking to track the KPI’s based on different values. Could you let me know if the below mentioned data are captured in fields in the CRM? If yes, then we will be able to generate a periodic report for each agent and get it sent to you automatically as well. 

For example, if you’d like to generate a report based on the “Number of visit on flat”, the same can be applied as a filter in the report along with the owner name to obtain the required data. 

If you’re looking for more detailed use-cases to achieve, please do let me know, I shall connect with you to assist you better. 

Looking forward to hearing from you. 

Have a good day!


Thank you very much, I try to explain myself better.

I state that I found the "Manage Sales Activities" function which partly does what I am asking.

However mine was an even simpler track, the absolute ideal would be to be able to define "Sales Activities" but with minimal parameters.

- Title
- Date (no time and no interval)
- Completed YES / NO

In this way you could make a numerical report that counts these individual indicators weekly and have a track of the numerical KPIs.

I repeat the Sales Activities are a good solution but should be simplified.


If we want to hear from you, I'm available.


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Thanks for explaining the query in detail. 

You can certainly use the “Manage sales activities” option to create sales activities such as tasks/appointments or any other custom sales activities. 

In all the sales activities, you can add the information regarding the start/end date of the activity, to which record the activity is related, outcome of the activity and the owner of the activity. You can also add custom fields to the custom sales activities added. 

These sales activities can also be reported based on the date of creation, owner or any other filter condition. 

I hope this clarifies. Please do let me know in case of further queries, I’ll be happy to help out. 

Have a great day!




for me it’s cleare, “Sales Activity” it’s a good idea but is complex for my target.

For a KPI only this info it’s mandatory:

  1. Data (no time) - Data what the KPI refer;
  2. Type (“send quote”, “visit to appartament”);
  3. Status - Only complete, when i inserte the KPI activity the status is complete; 

Stop, only this.

It’s possible?






but this it’s not good for me.

I want a simple KPI (ON / OFF).

The activity sales can’t create with a data on the past but only today.

This a problem for me.




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Hey Luigi, 

Thanks for reverting back. 

The sales activities can be created for older dates as well, however, based on the end date, it will show if the activity is overdue or still open. For example, you can create an activity with the due date/end date as a past value which will show the activity is overdue which can also be marked as completed later. 

You can also create an activity with the present/future date as well. 

These sales activities can also be reported based on owners for tracking their KPI’s for a particular time frame. 

I hope this clarifies. Do let me know in case of any further queries, I’ll be happy to help out. 

Have a great day!