Add Response time to ticket list

  • 27 October 2022
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A customer asks me if it is possible to get the response time in the ticket list.

I've looked at the available filters, searched through the support articles and through the available Apps but it looks like this list is not customizable.

Or did I miss something?

Anyone with an idea about where I can search next?

If not, next stop will be support ;-)

Thanks in advance!



3 replies

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Think this is a feature request.. 

The only thing i think you could do as a workaround is…

Create a custom field in field manager titled “response time”. 

Create a workflow so that when you action your first response you set this new custom field with the response time. 

This field as a custom field should be available in the list for tickets. (this will also highlight all tickets that have not had a first response.

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Hi @Chris S. .


Actually, that’s out of the current scope.


You might submit a Feature Request.


The current approach is to use Analytics for this. In Analytics, you can definitely show any field related to time, like the average initial response time, average response time, average resolution time, etc.


Hope this clarifies.




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Remember reporting is all about the story telling. So when a customer is looking for that information, I create an analytic report using the “First response time” and “Resolution” time. Both of these are out the box and using the filters you could create separate ones for each department, or each business segment. 


I’d question the value in looking at an individual ticket when i can tell the story about the overall service. as something is always out of scope. 

You can use SLA breaches to show where you have failed to complete in time, especially if you contractually obliged to do that. 

just my thoughts!