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  • 2 February 2023
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Recently trying to create articles with the existing “User Guide” template. I happen to struggle with the font color of anchor links. They look okay with the Editor as the anchor links are colored blue.


Editor screen

However, when I move to the preview screen few of the anchor links seem Black, just  like a normal text. I force change the text color to Blue, but to no help. Is it just me who faces this problem?

Preview Screen


1 reply

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Welcome to Freshworks Community!

If an anchor link is only showing the link when hovered over, it might be due to the CSS styles applied to the link.

As a workaround, the hover effect can be adjusted or removed using CSS.. Here is an example:

Switch to the code view in an article

Article body:

Check out this article link

Add the following line in the code view to update the color of the anchor tag 


Updated Code view appears as follows: 

<p dir="ltr"><a dir="ltr" href="" style="color:blue;">Check out this article link</a></p>


I hope it works as expected. You can also drop an email to, our team can further investigate on the anchor tag behavior. 

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