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  • 25 January 2021
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Hello and Welcome to Refresh, Freshworks Community! 

Introduce yourself by telling us who you are and what brought you here! You can also add some pictures and share your interests to help people recognise you! 

Our mission is to create a global community of diverse individuals who will support, challenge, and inspire one another by providing a platform for networking, mentorship, and career development. 

We encourage you to share your knowledge, ask questions, participate in discussions and become an integral part of this community.

So, hit Reply and start your first discussion! :) 

6 replies

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Heya, lovely community!

I joined you guys a few days ago so I thought I might as well stop by and say hi to everybody. So, yea, hi, how’s everyone doing? :blush:

I’ve only been been reading the conversations for a lil’ while but I can already say that I am super impressed by how helpful and supportive everyone in here is. You folks have created a very welcoming digital space, a job truly well done! :slight_smile:

Anyway, to say a few words about myself… My name is Michaela and I work as a Solutions Specialist for Integromat. If you don’t know it, Integromat is a no-code automation/integration tool that lets you connect all your favourite apps and services and streamline all kinds of processes. Anyway, a big part of my job is to hang around various SaaS user communities and see what’s up. Yea, I know, I am one luky gal. 

I like many things (including my job, hehe). To name just a few, I’d like to randomly pick:

  • sipping hot beverages
  • petting fluffy animals 
  • going for longs walks
  • listening to music 
  • burying my face into a book
  • encountering puns and pretending to hate them

And so on and so on. I wouldn’t want to overwhelm you right away. 


I am very happy to be here and I am very much looking forward to talking to as many of you as possible all around the community :blush:


Have a graet day, everyone!




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Hi @Michaela! Welcome, welcome!! Thanks for that wonderful introduction! :raised_hands_tone2:

We’re loving the energy,  enthusiasm and expertise that all of you are bringing to this community and helping it grow and evolve in beautiful ways!

I am Rashmi Nagendran and I am a part of the Refresh Community team, here at Freshworks! It’s been an exciting journey filled with loads of learning and meeting wonderful people! And hey yes, love your job and I’m sure you’ll have a lot to contribute and share with us too about your experiences and learnings from other SaaS communities!

Once again, we welcome you to our community! :grinning:

Looking forward to all the magic we’ll be creating together as a community! :heart_eyes:


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Hi there. @rashmi.nag , lovely to meet you and thanks a bunch for the warm welcome :blush: 

I’m very excited to be here and I cannot wait to see what fun conversations I’ll be able to participate in :relaxed:



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The more the merrier! :heart_eyes:

Tagging a few folks here to introduce themselves :smiley: @mark.uther, @Bethany Wesley, @manuplusplus, @zachary.king, @JulianeB, @caygri, @GlennA 

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i’m Elena, from Italy and I have Estate omnichannel my life is change in my company!

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Zach and I am a Software Administrator/Developer in Michigan, USA who specializes in help desk ticketing and collaboration software. I have been our lead administrator for our suite of Freshworks products for almost 2 years now. 

Glad to be a part of this community, and feel free to ask me any questions you have. I’ll do my best to participate and help grow this community in any way I can! 

Take care and be safe,

Zach 🚀