Ticket sharing for agents?

  • 4 January 2023
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The introduction of ticket sharing was a feature that I have been waiting for over 6 years for.  I was pleased to see it finally get added.  Unfortunately, it looks like Agents are limited in their ability to share tickets since they don’t view tickets in the same manner as a requester does.   Are there plans to expand ticket sharing functionality to the Agent portal as well?

5 replies

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I agree, surprised no one thought of this as they were implementing the feature. This is particularly important for businesses like ours which have gone all in on enterprise service management where we have many business users who are also agents.

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And it would be good to see who the ticket is shared to as agent. 
A note if you share a ticket to someone that requester can share it again to someone else. 

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Agreed on both points.  I know in my previous discussions, this is really a first pass at getting the collaboration baked in there.  There are 3 things I’m looking for in the next iteration:

  1. Ability to remove sharers/watchers from a ticket
  2. Agent ability to add sharers and watchers (requesters) to a ticket
  3. Activities log tracking the adding/removal of sharers - This is a critical one from an audit perspective especially with restricted groups.
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I also hope to see any progress on these 3 points @kong-jhartmann gave up here.

In fact, I hope there will be also a number 4: Edit the Shared ticket notification.

When you share a ticket, there is a notification going out to the requester that has been added
But we don’t have the functionality of editing that mail.


Has anyone seen any updates that this will be improved. We just moved into FreshService from JIRA (not JSM) and a lot of our missing the collaboration functionality we use to have.

Sharing is a great add, but agents need to be able to share as well, or better yet, just make CC’ing someone the same thing as sharing, also add the ability to just @ someone.