disable main customer portal and only use product portals.

  • 21 April 2015
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We have multiple products and the problem here is, that the forum and solutions categories are also displaying in my main customer portal. So it would be good to disable main customer portal or assign different categories to it. Otherwise my customers may use both portals which are actually for different purpose.

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2 replies

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We have plans to bring in the option to configure the main customer portal similar to the product portals, that is, what categories need to show up in the main portal just like product portals. We are currently analyzing the feasibility so we will keep you posted once we start working on it and roll out the functionality. 

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We have rolled out the enhancement for multi product/portal. You can go ahead and choose the required Solution and Forum categories for your main portal (as opposed to the existing option for multiple product's portal). Below are the steps:


- Go to Admin -> Portals 

- Click on your main portal (usually the first in the list)

- Select the required solution and forum categories under Portal Categories

- And hit 'Save'

Hope the enhancement is helpful, do let us know your feedback.