Freshdesk Automatically Removes Contacts from Companies after Domain Changes

  • 11 October 2017
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I have contacts that are manually added to a company or they were added automatically because a domain is saved with the company that recognises them as a member of that company based on their e-mail address.


If I remove the domain specification from this company, Freshdesk removes ALL contacts from the company, regardless of whether they were added manually or automatically. These contacts (and their tickets) are now associated with ANY company.

I communicated this issue to Freshdesk and was told that this is normal. They think that this behaviour makes sense. Does that make sense to you?


So let's say that I have a multi-national company that I start to serve individually in two countries. I already have 300 contacts in UK, but now the number of contacts are increasing in Canada. I now notice that the Canadian contacts are being associated with the UK company automatically because they all use, which is saved in the UK company.

I cannot allow people from Multi-National UK see the tickets from their Canadian affiliate. I need contact and ticket information to be separate for reasons of transparency, reporting, and SLA differences. This is a legal obligation.

Of course, I remove from Multi-National UK. Within two minutes, the number of contacts drops from 300 to 0.

That does not make any sense. Why should Freshdesk make itself responsible to remove my contacts from my companies?

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