How to set up SSO without portal

  • 15 September 2019
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All the Solutions I could find regarding SSO are for setting it up with the portal. I do not intend to use the portal. There is no "login URL" to forward them to. They are already logged in.

I have placed the pop-up widget on my website for ONLY MY LOGGED IN USERS to see. As such, it is not necessary and even confusing to still ask for their email address when submitting a ticket, especially since the field title is "Requester" which makes no sense.

And here's the bigger problem. Anyone can insert whatever email they want. I tested this by having different users submit tickets using my email address, which at best makes it a potential way to spam people and at worst, the person will not receive responses from our support because they mistyped their email address.

I found two posts here in the community talking about the same thing. One of them gave no solution beyond "enable SSO and it should automatically get the email address" which is obviously not true. The other linked to a PHP script that autofills these fields.

Problem is, THE WIDGET NEVER CONNECTS TO THAT SCRIPT. How is it supposed to activate it? How is the script supposed to insert information into the widget?

I'd like some guidance on how to set this up please. I've contacted support 24 hours ago via chat and they still haven't responded, which is why I'm here.

Can I add the PHP script into the widget's JS snippet? If not, how do I tell the widget to get the email address from the session cookie/PHP script and disable editing of the email/"requester" field?

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