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  • 24 February 2015
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Greetings all

Does anyone know if in the free version if their is a way to create multiple separate tickets? let me explain.

we have the current help desk ticket entry with the normal tabs, hardware,software,phone,etcc.etcc

Now i am being asked if their is a way to create a separatee form for just ordering supplies? 

We don't want to use the original ticket we created but would prefer a second ticket creation based upon custom fields.

this is not a problem, the application has been working great since we went with you guys and gals, great product.!



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4 replies


I have the same "not-problem" as Mike. I agree that it would be great if we could configure multiple ticket forms, each for its own "product". 

Different ticket forms for different groups would be nice as well. One for sales and one for service. Or one for VIP support and one for basic.

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Hello ,

Though multi-product forms aren't available as a plug-play feature, it is still possible using customisations on the Estate plan. Here's a quick screenr on how to configure this :

Also, I believe Dynamic forms might as well satisfy this case.


Unfortunately this is only the solution on the freshdesk portals, would love to be able to create multiple forms so that it can be implemented into regular sites.