Pipedrive Integration

  • 27 February 2015
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This integration pulls up all relevant information about the customer from Pipedrive CRM when handling their tickets, making it easier for agents to understand every customer and the problems they are dealing with. The Pipedrive integration displays contact details like Name, Email-id, Phone numbers, and recent activities right next to the ticket view.

If contacts are not available in Pipedrive, they can be added from Freshdesk.

To install this plugin:

  1. Download the zip file

  2. Unzip and open the .txt file containing the plug code

  3. Sign up for Pipedrive and replace the “api_key” in the code with the one you receive*

  4. Copy the code

  5. In Freshdesk, Go to Admin -> Integrations -> New Freshplug

  6. Title it “Pipedrive” and copy the code in the “Script” field

  7. Make sure “Show this widget in ticket view page” is selected

  8. Click on “Create and Enable”

*API tokens can also be obtained by going to Settings->Personal->API in your Pipedrive account.

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9 replies

Hi, I can't seem to get this working? I note some of the placeholders are not as specified ... https://support.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/32031-using-freshplugs-to-integrate-third-party-apps

... as they where missing 'ticket' ... {{ticket.requester.email}} and {{ticket.requester.name}}

... but this has no effect

... all data icons resolve correctly

... I've checked my API (twice)

The preview doesn't work and no widget appears?

Any thoughts or help.



Same problems here. Too bad this plug-in is useless. Hopefully Freshdesk and Pipedrive will develop a working and supported integration.

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Thought this piece of information shall help. Regarding the preview, it's not a sandbox mode where we have sample ticket data that gets displayed as such and hence, the preview wouldn't work. Being precise, ticket object is not actually present, so reference to ticket object attributes will not return any data. 

It would definitely work on the ticket details page for now. Having said that, we will try our best to make this, a native integration of ours. 



I can`t get this to work. Followed the instructions but see no changes in the Add Ticket screen, what could I possibly be missing?

Thank you, 

Hi Juan:

The Freshplug gets displayed only in Ticket details view and Contact details view. As of now we don't support listing of plugs in "Add Ticket" screen.

Once the plug is enabled, you will see the Pipedrive icon appearing as a Tab in Requestor Info placeholder, as shown in the image below.

Do try it out and let us know whether you were able to setup the plug.



I want to use Freshdesk to handle emails and Pipedrive to manage leads. Does any body have some suggestions? I basically thought it could work something like this:

Step 1: > Pipedrive —> Freshdesk

When a new deal is created in Pipedrive a ticket/customer is made in Freshdesk containing:




Note (important)

Pipedrive ID

Step 2:> Freshdesk —> Pipedrive

All incoming and outgoing mail from Freshdesk is synced with deals in Pipedrive. 


When a deal has a pending activity in Pipedrive—-> Go to Freshdesk, open the ticket and reply. —-> The reply is automatically also stored in Pipedrive with a specific deal.


When the customer replies and the reply comes into Freshdesk it’s automatically send to Pipedrive. In Pipedrive I’m hoping this would work 100% if the Pipedrive ID is sent along and not only the email. 

Good morning,

I have a question.

Is it a two way intergration?

So from Freshdesk ====> Pipedrive and Pipedrive =====> Freshdesk.

I am using Freshdesk and we are looking for a CRM system for our sales guys.

So they need to know what's going on in Freshdesk


This integration works in only one way, it fetches the details from Pipedrive CRM and displays in Ticket details page and Contact view page. If contacts are not available in Pipedrive, they can be added from Freshdesk.

We're trialling Freshdesk and quite impressed with it but the email below arrived today from Pipedrive support. It's a dealbreaker if true as our Sales staff need to keep track of open customer tickets from Pipedrive . Can you update us re: Sukanya A's comment "we will try our best to make this, a native integration of ours"? Thanks.

sad to say that we've actually had to suspend our Freshdesk
integration indefinitely.

We have been informed by that company that they are developing their own CRM to
offer to customers, and for the sake of the data privacy information set
forward in our Terms of Service, we cannot allow them potential access to
customer data within Pipedrive.