Ability to specify optional fields/additional field attributes in the API endpoint

  • 15 March 2016
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We've been manually exporting data from the front-end and analysing ticket and agent performance based on various time-based data as well as SLA and status data. As the dataset has grown, this process has become impractical.

I've been exploring the API V2 and find that it's quite restrictive in terms of the ticket fields on offer. More specifically, it excludes the following fields from the GET request for all tickets:


- Resolved time

- Closed time

- Resolution status (within SLA or not)

- First response status (within SLA or not)

For us, and most likely many of your clients, these field are essential to our reporting efforts.

I understand that including all fields currently available in the front-end export, in the API response may carry a large performance over-head on your side.However, It would be very useful to be able to specify additional/optional ticket fields to include in the GET request (perhaps you could limit it too a certain number of optional fields).

Looking forward to your response.

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5 replies

We do something similar to what you are requesting for "View a Ticket" i.e when you say "include=conversations" we send additional information along with a ticket. We are currently exploring the possibility of sending some additional info such as resolved, closed, first response, and resolution times. We have not made a decision yet, I will post an update here once we have decided. 

Thanks for your reply, Rohit.

I've taken a look at the conversation properties in the V2 api and they don't seem at all similar to what I'm looking for - the additional information included when specifying "include=conversations" doesn't include the fields I've mentioned above. They relate to conversations within a ticket whilst I'm looking for the actual tickets properties.

Is there a specific reason why the API doesn't cater for closed time, resolution status and first response? They seem to be really important in terms of reporting on ticket and agent performance.



Hi Michael,

I'm sorry if my reply was not clear. What I meant was that we are looking into providing the fields that you are looking for as optional fields. The mechanism would be similar to include=conversations. Hence, it may look like include=stats and we could send these fields.

The reason we went with this model is that we had users complaining that we were sending too much information back with our v1 APIs. With v2, we have decided to adopt a more modular approach, we send the bare minimum and send additional information only when requested to do so.

It is now possible to retrieve the closed_at, resolved_at and first_responded_at time when you view a ticket or view a list of tickets. Just add include=stats to the URL. 

If you are using this info to check if the SLA has been met, you can compare the resolved_at and first_responded_at  timestamp values with the "due_by" and "fr_due_by" values that are already part of the ticket response.

More details here - http://developers.freshdesk.com/api/#view_a_ticket (look at the "Embed" table)

Hi Rohit,

Sorry to post on a rather old ticket.  I've checked the include=stats and yes the option returns the date time stamps for the first response and when the ticket have been resolved.  However,  in our case, the info that we need is the actual duration (which is included in the  web export option).  Though it may be computed from the date time stamp but a lot of factor have to be taken into consideration like the working hour, workdays and holidays.  And since the info is already available within the ticket, it really will be a great help if these info can be included together with "include=stats".